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16-17 Winter Athletic Calendar PDF Print Out
(Subject to Change)



Girls and Boys ages 8-12:
Legos, puzzles, puzzle books, ‘adult’ coloring books, arts and crafts sets, stuffed animals, scarves, cozy blankets, chapter books, sling shots, yo-yo’s, RC cars, RC planes, sports equipment and sports balls

Teen girl items:
craft sets, make-up kits, watches or jewelry, perfume, totes, purses, keepsake boxes, jewelry boxes, decorative pillows, socks, flannel shirts, body lotions, curling irons, alarm clocks, radios, scarves, ear buds or headphones

Teen boy items:
sports items, Axe body wash kits, Legos, games, electronic gadgets, college or professional sports team gadgets, camping gear, fishing gear, flannel shirts, beanie winter hats, ear buds or headphones 



Visit our new Panther Athletics Page to see up-to-date schedules and signup for text alerts for specific sports!
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