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Tom  Thorr
Health/Physical Education - Varsity Golf - Junior High Girls Basketball
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Junior High Physical Education  






  • Students should be in the locker room before the tardy bell rings
  • If student is late he/she should bring a pass
  • If they don’t have a pass he/she will receive a tardy
  • Students will have 5 minutes to change their clothes and be in the gym ready for class
  • At the end of the period students will be given 7 minutes to shower and change
  • Showering is strongly recommended however not required that a student shower after class. Bring your own shampoo, soap, towel and personal items



  • Listen to and follow directions
  • Participate in all activities and provide a good effort
  • RESPECT instructor, other students and equipment

1.      No physical or verbal threats will be tolerated

2.      No back talk or display of poor attitude will be accepted

3.      Always display good sportsmanship

4.      Respect the gym and equipment including the locker rooms

  • Do not use profane language under any circumstances

a.      First time, I keep it until the end of class

b.      Second time, I turn it in to the office

c.       Third time, I turn it into the office and DETENTION

  • Do not bring food or drink into the gym or locker rooms
  • Do not leave the class without permission
  • Wait for the bell inside the gymnasium



  • Each student will be able to use a locker in the locker room but it is their responsibility to bring a lock to lock up their valuables
  • Please be careful with your possessions
  • Be sure the locker rooms are clean after class is done



  • Proper physical education attire must be worn during class

1. Appropriate gym shorts or athletic pants

2. Appropriate gym shirt (must have sleeves)

3. Gym shoes and socks

4. It is recommended that you have sweat shirt and sweat pants available for

   activities outdoors. We will go outside as often as possible

  • Each time a student fails to dress he/she will lose ½ credit for the day





  • Students are required to participate in class every day
  • If a student fails to participate he/she will lose ½ credit for the day
  • If a parent or a legal guardian sends a NOTE, the student may be excused for a maximum of two days. If the student has been excused from participation by a doctor, whether due to injury or prolonged illness, a note is required in order to resume class participation. This will also help us to monitor their progress as he/she resumes activity.



Students will be using the weight room a minimum of twice per week. All students will be required to participate. Other units will include:


  • Physical Fitness
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Floor Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Track & Field
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Archery




  • Building Lockdowns – Nobody leaves/travels.

1.      Full Lockdown

Girls Locker room/Quiet/No Noise

2.      Safe Lockdown

Classroom secure, activity continues

  • Fire Alarm

1.      If indoors, line-up at door, we all exit together

2.      Outdoors, stay outdoors,

  • Injuries

1.      If injured, please try and stay put, don’t move. Ms. Evans and the office personnel are not doctors.

2.      Black bag is first-aid kit