Rebecca  Hubbard Staff Photo

Supply List 

A lot of seventh grade parents ask about supplies.  Just what does a seventh grader really need to be organized and successful?  We used to recommend binders, the kind with the velcro closure and seven different folders.  Using one of those, a seventh grader could keep folders for every class together in one place, along with writing utensils, a planner and other supplies.  At locker stops, she would only need to change out books, and would have fewer chances of grabbing the wrong folder or misplacing homework.  When I shopped for my own son's supplies this fall, I noticed these binders weren't so readily available.  The next best thing we both liked was a combination notebook/binder with only three pockets in it.  We bought one for morning classes, and a different colored one for afternoon classes.  (Because cost can be prohibitive, we ask students and parents to quietly let us know if they are unable to obtain proper supplies.  Thanks to the Backpack Project and other donors, we are able to help with these needs. It is much more important for your student to be organized than to try to get by without the proper supplies.) A few pencils and a simple calculator are probably the only other items your child will need.  The school provides a planner, and most teachers have notebook paper for those students who don't bring their own.  Good luck next week!